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Great view from one of the 3 bridges we cross during a tour.  Have we mentioned you can rent us for your own bar crawl or event?

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The Chattanooga Tennesseer

2 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402, United States


HOw The chattanooga tennesseer came to be


In 2010 after my deployment to Iraq I started Chattanooga Double Decker with the funds saved and started doing tours in 2011 with an authentic 1960s double decker bus.


Although double decker bus was a lot of fun it was kind of a maintenance and insurance nightmare.  So I decided we needed to use something else a little more practical. But what to name it?


 Turns out long ago Chattanooga had a tour bus called The Tennesseer.  The bus currently sits in The Corker Tire museum in Chattanooga and although the bus isn't currently used I thought such a great name should be.  



So, I got with my good buddy, Kirk Rhodes, who helped me do the original Chattanooga Double Decker logo and we made the conversion with some changes. 


In Spring 2018 I started doing tours with The Chattanooga Tennesseer and although I have to admit its not as cool as the double decker bus it is a lot less hassle and a lot more safe.